Thursday, September 18, 2008

AntiVirXP08, Spyware NOT Anti Virus Software Beware Of Anti Vir XP 08

Beware Of AntiVirXP08, It Is Not An Anti Virus Software
This is not an anti virus software, it shows a big count for viruses present on your computer. You are even given the option to buy the licence for AntiVirXP08 by using your credit card online. This is a spyware and will most probably hijack your credit card information and misuse it. Similar malware has spread before by the names of XP AntiVirus and WinAntiVirusPro. There are a number of malware and trojans that come bundled into this code, you will need to get rid of all of them when cleaning up your system. Most solutions suggest that you remove the AntiVirXP08 manually, get expert help if you are not technically qualified. There is a possibility of using valid data and information from the computer during the process of cleaning the AntiVirXP08.
The main steps involved in cleaning your computer for the Anti Vir XP 08 infection are:
(a) Unregister related DLL files.
(b) Stopping AntiVirXP08 processes.
(c) Finding and deleting AntiVirXP08 related files.
(d) Removing AntiVirXP08 registry values.
The infection is triggered when a user clicks a link, for this reason avoid clicking unknown links. It is also possible that certain websites are infected (knowingly or unknowingly) with this malware. Accessing those sites might increase the chances of you receiving and clicking a link.

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