Thursday, April 24, 2008

Forgetting Children In Cars, Technology Comes To The Rescue

It is not uncommon to hear about children being forgotten in cars. There have been cases reported where, children aged even below 1 year have been forgotten by parents and baby sitters in cars. One possible reason is that a baby is normally kept in a baby seat that is behind the drivers seat. Mothers in a hurry, turn off the air conditioner or heating system, get off the car and then lock the door. What follows is a sad story, innocent infants exposed to terrific heat or biting cold.

There are few suggestions for mothers to follow, the idea is to remind the parent that the baby is in the back seat of the car. One suggestion is to place the baby's diaper bag on the front seat next to the driver. It is expected that anyone getting off the car will notice the bag and remember the baby. Another option could be for the mother to keep her handbag on the back seat near the baby.

Technology now seems to have come up with useful devices too. One such device consists of two portions. One portion is latched on to the baby seat, the other portion could be kept along with car keys of the diver. When the driver walks away with his portion a sensor is activated. This devices senses the physical separation of the two portions, when the distance between the two portions exceeds a few feet, an alarm is sounded. The driver who just walked away from the car is alerted about the child left alone in the car.

Most people comment that forgetting children in cars is related to negligence on the part of elders. While this could be true or false, the important thing is to protect innocent infants and keep them away from danger. Help could come from sharpening ones memory or through advancements in technology. Get more information on this topic at:

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