Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Now Use Your Cell Phone On A Flight!!

There was some great news recently, this related to the possibility of using a cell phone on a flight. Most flights had an inbuilt phone that could be used to make calls, the airlines charged a fortune for each call but the quality was terrible. It has now been confirmed that, passengers in many flights through Europe might be able to make phone calls using their cell phone. The report also mentioned that this could become a reality within the year 2008.

So are you wondering about those onboard instructions that asked you to turn off your cell phone when aboard? The airlines complained that the cell phone emitted signals that could disturb delicate flying instruments. Well the song in this case is a bit different, we are told that the new system of making calls on flight will get signals from satellites and not from ground stations. That is the safety factor being taken care off but, another problem persists.

Could you imagine the amount of noise that would be generated by people chatting over their cell phones during the flight. Most people would need to raise their voice to make up for the internal noise that is always present in an aircraft. This would get quite interesting as people chatted away in different languages, moods and on different subjects. One can imagine the chaos if, all the adjacent passengers in a row decided to make their cell call on flight. There does not seem to be any thought given to this issue so far, it is unlikely that any satisfactory solution might be found. This is a classic case of technology moving ahead of real life situations!

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